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Dawa-ul-misk Motadil Jawahar wali


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Information about “Dawa-ul-misk Motadil Jawahar Wali”

Dawa-ul-misk Motadil Jawahar Wali conatins Ushna, Agar, Illaichi Khurd, Amla Khushk, Burada Sandal Surkh, Burada Sandal Safaid, Badranjboya
Banslochan, Behman Surkh, Tukhm Khurfa Siyah, Darchini, Qust Shirin, Sumaq, Kishneez Khushk, Gul Khatmi, Gule Surkh, Gule Gawzaban, Abresham
Muqarraz, Qiwam Shakar Safaid, Ambar, Natroon Banjawi, Zafran, Arq-e-Gawzaban, Busud Ahmar Saeeda, Kehruba Shamai Saeeda, Marwareed Saeeda, Mastagi
Ghee, Warq Nuqra

Key Benefits :

  • Acts as an alternative tonic and relaxant.
  • Used in nervous debility, weak memory.
  • Effective anti-aging herbs tonic.
  • Helps in improving immunity, voice tone, and strength.
  • Used in mental conditions, epilepsy, insanity and to improve quality of semen and sperms.
  • Strengthens the immune system.

Directions of use : Adults to be given 5 grams, children 1-3 grams according to age, with milk or water in the morning and evening

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